Does Your Hustle Limit Your Potential?

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Are you hard working and driven but sometimes wonder if there is more to life than this? Do you find accomplishing things requires a lot of hard work? Do you tend to push stress away to accomplish your next goal? 

Your point of focus may be strongly gathered around stress at the expense of hope and progress. This blog will help you believe in yourself instead of being so hard on yourself. 


Ambition is definitely a motivational drive, but I often see goals limit and agitate ambition. When you set a goal, you put a lid on ambition. It wants more than you can conceive. 

Also when you fall short of your target, it can be crushing, you may not realize it but you cut into your self-worth. When conditions don’t pan out the way you expected, you are disappointed,  vulnerable. You’ve tagged ambition to external circumstances, variables you can’t control. You’ve hinged this powerful force to a dubious background that will always fluctuate. Ambition is getting agitated.

You tripped up your forward motion and drive with fear

Fear barges in when it sees you struggle. It will discourage you and scare you to the sidelines or join forces with ambition and get you to rigorously work harder by placing more conditions on you. 

Know this, for anything you want to achieve -your real target is to keep moving forward and to feel good. This is what matters.

Keynote speaker on Goal Setting with Possibility

You can still set goals, feel good and move forward.

I Hear You,  How do you Set Goals? 

Goals are not a problem, as long as they don’t limit you. I use goals to help me manage my time, not my possibilities. The minute conflict butts up against a goal I have, I don’t pivot or place limits on my goals, I think of it as information and open up to it. I know it’s nudging me towards possibility. 

When your plans are stifled, step back from aggressively attacking the problem

Instead, expand past the walls of your problem. Think bigger than the problem. In other words, please don’t go through the conflict and fight with it, instead accept it and change your boundary to include the new information. Widen the net.  Diverse circumstances aren’t meant to harden you; they are meant to help you cast your net wider. The problem that stands between you and your goal is actually an opportunity. 

When you get attached to a result, you have to wrestle with anything that gets in your way. A goal is a prognosis you can’t control. It’s not fair that you limit your future like this. 

Whenever something gets in the way of your goals, believe. Smother your insides with positivity and possibility. Grow your mind past the goal. 

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