Do You Tolerate or Appreciate Life?

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Your life has likely worked out really well for you so far.
You have so much to be thankful for- your car, your spouse, your children, your job. These are things that one day you wanted, and now you got them.

It’s really amazing. You have wished and hoped and desired so many things that you now have. It was with steady enthusiasm, belief and drive that you got to where you are today.

If you could skip a beat to appreciate some of the current glories of your life, you could propel yourself forward. 

By appreciating what you have, you not only enjoy it more, but you open the doors to more great things. 

Gratitude is a powerful force. It always helps you move forward in a way that feels good. 

To appreciate your life means to live it

To value your life means to live it

To value yourself means to live in this life

Anytime you tolerate something or someone, you create resistance for your own life.

Keynote speaker Jody Urquhart

Your disdain for anything in life makes it hard for you to live that life.

Tolerating your job means resisting it

Tolerating your spouse means resisting him

Tolerating the economy means resisting it

You cannot move forward in any area of your life that you resist

Tolerating bad behaviour is holding you back​.​

Tolerating being broke is holding you back​.​

Tolerating your health problems is holding you back.

Y​o​u might think it's bad behaviour, lack of money and poor health that's the problem.


It's not.


It​'s​ the tolerating of the problem that's holding you back.

It's your unique combination of thoughts of worry, doubt and fear that are holding these problems in your life. 

What's absorbing your attention is these problems.

What's holding problems in your life is your attention to them. By resisting your life, you're not living it.

It would help if you moved forward, and gratitude is the answer.

Stop resisting life; appreciate it.


​Gratitude will give you so much clarity. ​ Trying to push anything aside makes it stronger. Every time you wage war against anything in your life, it gets bigger.


Instead of trying to push these things away, look for the clarity it produces.

Stop resisting others; instead, value them.

Stop resisting your health; appreciate ​good health​.


​Your poor health is all part of your evolution towards better health. Your bad relationships are all part of the evolution toward better ones.


You can't get to one without the other. However, you can enjoy the journey. You do that with gratitude.​

Gratitude and appreciation help you become one with yourself. You become one with your life.

As long as you focus on what you don’t like about your life, it will always be in a state of upheaval. Your focus on disappointment makes you more disappointed.

Instead of keeping your life at arm’s length- live it

This would require attention and appreciation for everything and everyone.

Appreciate bad weather

Appreciate a poor economy

Appreciate poor health

In fact, you’ll want to stop calling them bad to see the good in them.

You ll have to pull out steady appreciation for everything, especially if it makes you feel bad.

If you have an angry colleague focus on any good quality that he has

If you have a bad job, focus on what you like about it

If you have debt, focus on the things you bought with money that wasn't yours, to begin with

Youll find anything you see as bad actually has a lot of good in it too.

It's just your negative perspective about it that doesn't let you see that.

Go on a rampage of appreciation for everything in your life.

If I were you id start small. The less attached you are to something, the easier it is

It's great to appreciate your spouse, but you attached to that relationship. If he does something you don't like, you ll feel bad. That's not appreciation.

In the beginning its easier to appreciate things you don't have to work for, own or owe money on

I'm saying sit and gawk at a collection of trees in the park. Have an appreciation for their strength and beauty

Have gratitude for the sun shining

Adore the cup of coffee you drink every morning

Start small

Next, love your old, beaten up car. Instead of worrying, it's going to break down. Have gratitude that it got you where you needed to go for so many years. 

Worry is to tolerate gratitude is to move forward.

Appreciate your house. Adore the paint colour, finishings, laminate floors, your kitchen cabinets. They are all so beautiful. Think about all the people and resources it took to create, ship and install them. 

Don't worry about the furnace breaking down; think about the warm, comforting heat.

Worry is to tolerate appreciation is to move forward.

Finally, love up your job.

Think about the prosperity, skills and opportunities it's given you. Think about everything you have learned, how you have grown in your job

Don't sit around and worry about layoffs or not having enough money.

Worry is tolerating gratitude is moving forward.

You want to move forward.

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