Do You Have a Hustle Hangover?


Hustle Hangover

Does work hang over your head from one day to the next & drain you?

If so, you have a hustle hangover.

You can hustle hard so that you can feel better in the future, or you can give it over to your inner passion right now. 

Doesn’t that sound more rewarding? 

The cure for this hangover is not less work; it’s to feel better about the work you do. When you start to feel good about your work, you will have more clarity & time will fly by

When you immerse yourself in the work you are doing at the moment, it moves forward through your inspiration, not your effort. 


Immerse yourself in your work. Think less about the goal of getting it done in the future and more about how you feel doing it right now. 

When you feel inspired, you know you're doing your best work.

HABIT​ #2​

Alcohol-induced hangovers feel bad as a result of too much alcohol

Hustle hangovers make you feel bad as a result of too much critical thinking

The original use of the word hangover was work hanging over your head from one day to the next. It had nothing to do with the workload and everything to do with how you felt while doing your work. 

Hustle can never bring you happiness. It’s because hustle is about your future results, and happiness is about how you feel in the present moment. 


Immerse yourself in your work and feel good about it. 


Feeling Bad? Sad? Angry? 

Don’t take these heavy emotions too seriously. They will pass. I know they feel righteous and necessary, but they have very little value. 

It's just your​ attention to these draining feelings that keep them in your life. ​ ​It’s tough to let go of anger because you may be replaying past events or circumstances in your mind. Any relief you can find from these thoughts will bring clarity. 

Any amount of understanding of difficult circumstances, hope or compassion for yourself or others will help. 


Drop a negative thought today 

Consider forgiveness and give everyone the benefit of the doubt so you can move on.



When times are tough, we are taught to be strong but not to be compassionate. 

Kindness and compassion will change the world. 

The only reason we have conflict is we can’t see the other side of our perspective. Our way is good, and someone else's way is not. 

It’s because our brain can’t see conflict and compassion( understanding) at the same time. They are in two opposite directions. But conflict cannot move forward until we understand each other's perspective. 

If you can massage conflict with compassion, it will reveal insight. Compassion turns on the learning centre in your brain, which allows you to move forward. You can learn from differing perspectives instead of having to fight against them.

Compassion turns off your fight or flight stress cycle and turns you towards hope, opportunity, or potential.

It’s all you ever wanted anyways.


The next time you think you are right and someone else is wrong, search for understanding. 

You could consider another person's perspective to balance your own, and this will definitely help you. 

But it would be easier to go straight to the source. Soothe the conflict inside you with self-compassion first; you will be able to relate to how the other person feels instantly. 

It’s not about right or wrong; it’s about understanding. 

You both want the same thing anyway.  Everyone wants to hope, opportunity, compassion, happiness or success. If you both want this, why don’t you unite and go and get it? 

Together you are stronger.  



Cut off one emotion; you cut them all off.

If you cut off the bad feelings, you cut off the good ones too.

It would help if you had your emotions to interpret your life; they are a vital source of inner wisdom. Denying or repressing emotion never works because it cuts off this life source. 

It’s much better to tune into the way you feel and use this insight to give you direction. 

Feelings often seem complicated or messy but aren’t. 

Your emotions only go in one of two directions- good or bad, happy or sad. You don’t need a therapist to tell you if you feel happy or sad; you always know. This is why it is so important to use inner wisdom instead of relying on others to tell you what to feel. 

Nobody knows how you feel better than you ( your feelings are inside you).

Your feelings are guiding you; you just need to pay attention. Don’t push them away; listen. 


A couple of times a day, tune into the way you feel. 

When you feel good, know that you are thinking and doing something worthwhile. It’s giving you life and vitality. Focus on that good feeling, and you will find yourself doing more of these good-feeling things. You are moving forward. 

When you feel bad, that feeling is trying to get your attention. And it’s working, that’s why you feel bad. Your attention to bad feelings (or circumstances that cause bad feelings ) is what holds you back. 

Feel-Good Habits will always help you feel a little better so that you can feel a little better; then, you’ll feel a lot better until you Bliss Out and feel really, really good. 

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