Do this to Release Trapped Emotions​


Does fear, worry or doubt hold you back? ​

Both a mentor and a tormentor, our emotions can give us great insight or swallow us whole. 

Anytime your brain is busy rummaging around through your past it tilts emotions with a strong negative slant.  You can instantly free yourself from negative emotions, by bringing them into the NOW.

I first met Eckhart Tolle when we were keynote speakers at an event. Not only is he a profound motivational speaker but a spiritual leader.​ I still utilize his technique on dissolving negative emotion with the power of NOW.

Here is a Profound Technique to Dissolve Difficult Emotion:

  1. Notice difficult emotion. Feel it well up inside you.

  2. Be curious about it, observe it.

  3. Don't analyze it, judge it, or try to figure out where it came from

  4. Breathe & Let it dissolve

Through these simple steps, you are bringing the emotion into you in the present moment. You are not fighting it or trying to banish it. Surrender to messy emotion and it will dissolve. ​


You likely spend more time battling ​challenging ​emotions than feeling them. When you brawl with your emotions, you are battling time. Time will always win. Most negative emotions are escorted by a thought that transports you from the NOW. You are wasting time in the past or the future. 

Time ( the present moment) will march forward whether you accompany it or not. Getting caught up in the past or worrying about the future hold​s​ most people back. 

Until you stop resisting, you will go nowhere. It’s a waste of energy.

We are climbing out of heavy emotions that toil inside you like fear, anger or sadness. They are insured and bonded by stress and usually transport you to the past or the future. 

​I routinely remind myself not to take my negative emotions so seriously.

​You are not your emotions.  You feel anger but you are not anger. ​ By bringing emotion into the now you ​​will learn to pay attention to how you feel instead of the conditions that make you feel good.


Let your feelings navigate your ​life​. Tune in and notice how you feel often.  ​Eventually you will be able to choose more positive thoughts more often. ​Be unapologetic and relentless about feeling good. By putting good emotions in you NOW, you open the flood gates to joy. 

​As a keynote speaker I routinely use positive emotion to uplift audiences. I know how powerful it can be to feel good. ​

​Buddha says happiness is the default state of mind. Your mind in its most natural state is happy. It’s how we agitate it with doubt that makes us miserable. Relaxed, stable and focused is how your mind is in its natural state. Thus happiness is not something you chase around and pursue, it’s something you have. 

​Always bring emotion​ into the NOW. ​The only way to do that is to quiet your mind and feel the emotion inside you. ​Stay neutral and observe.

The present moment ​ is fleeting. Every moment you’re present ​inside ​slips away. As soon as you're in it, it’s gone. You can try to hold onto any moment in time but that is fear doing a number on you. Holding onto the past is creating struggle.


Fear and happiness are emotions that operate under a completely different motivational drive. Negative emotions like fear, anger, resentment, etc tend to pull you from the moment into the past or the future. They create aversion, make you cautious and slow you down. Spurred on by stress they fire up and respond to aggressive demands. Step in front of a bus- fear is guaranteed to be at the scene, compelling you to step back. It will never let you down. It’s instantaneous, aggressive and it responds on command. It likes to​ be​ boss​ed​ around. 

Happiness doesn’t.

All positive emotions like compassion, gratitude, joy ,etc. flee when they are pestered to comply. Put limits, goals and perimeters around passion and it will slip away. Elevated emotions also have no grit or staying power, you have to flirt with them and keep welcoming them in. 

If you can elevate your emotions and guide them with joy, gratitude and love, it will be a lot more difficult to slip back into fear and doubt. Be relentless, continue to bring positive thoughts and emotions into you NOW. In every moment. Crowd out fear and doubt with appreciation and love. 

This Isn’t another repressing emotion, it’s about appreciating them. All of them. Your feelings are a compass, giving you direction to a life that matters. 

If you pinch off one emotion, you cut them all off. Cut of fear, cut off joy. Cut off worry, cut off gratitude. 

Happiness, prosperity, appreciation, laughter, gratitude and compassion​ ​mimic life and slip away in the same unforced way. Positive emotions don’t pull you from the present moment, they guide you there. 

Celebrate elevated emotions because they are boundless, they are a guide to the present moment without needing rules and constraints. 

Every moment in life is fleeting, and happiness is too, which is why it’s your chaperone, it doesn’t need a map to find itself. You can’t pin down happiness and you can’t pin down the present moment. Don’t try. The minute you do, you're entering into the past or future, fear and doubt. You are fighting time.

Happiness is also unlimited so keep elevating your climb by pumping yourself full of positive feelings.

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