Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care Beat the Winter Blues Seminar

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On February 9, 2019, I am a motivational speaker for the Davis Duehr Dean Winter Blues Seminar.

The event, taking place at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin will bring together over 150 optometry, optical and front line technical staff from Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care. In September 2013, this group merged with the SSM Health System, headquartered in St Louis Missouri. 

Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care ophthalmologists and optometrists provide specialty eye care throughout southern Wisconsin. They make up the ophthalmology and optometry departments and full-service optical stores of SSM Health Dean Medical Group.

These comprehensive eye clinics do eye exams, eye disease management and care, cataract surgery consultation, and post-op, contact lens fitting, retail eyewear, and glaucoma diagnosis and treatment. 

This dynamic, compassionate group puts patient care front and center in their work. Each patient regiment is catered to them and staff work hard to educate patients. 

The staff at Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care are no strangers to change. Optometry is continually evolving with new technology solutions to serve their patient base. 

Also, like many healthcare systems, they work with EPIC software, which often requires updates and different work protocol.

This motivational day is designed to help boost morale and keep the team focused and engaged. For this audience, workloads can be high, staff levels continually fluctuate, and it leaves staff struggling to balance. The day is meant to bring teams from 16 sites together and build teambuilding and communication skills.

I am excited to be the closing funny motivational speaker for the Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care Group. My closing speech is, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! Navigate the Future with Humor, Enthusiasm, and Vigor. This Interactive motivational speech will bring the room together around a shared purpose and how to stay resilient as a team in change.

I will also present two break-out sessions: The Joy of the Job, we will look at how to the Joys of the Job and enhance purpose and meaning. We will cover stress savvy techniques to build resilience under pressure.

The second break out session, I Love My Job, it's the People I Can't Stand will look at ways to deal with difficult people and how to alter your message to different personalities.

This hardworking audience is very focused on customer service and patient care. They work in different diverse clinics, so they don't get the opportunity to network, compare best practices and appreciate each other. The Beat the Winter Blues Seminar comes just at the right time to boost morale and leave everyone with new ideas and inspiration.


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