Choose to Be Rather Than be Told that You Are

3-4Feel-Good Habit #1- Choose to Be Rather than be Told that You Are

Most people take clues from others about how they should be.

It's more empowering to take those clues from yourself. The way you feel moment to moment is the most accurate assessment of how you are experiencing life.

The things that you don't like you will push away and not experience. The ​things you do like you will allow into your life. This is more valuable information than anything someone else tells you to think about or act on.

Tune into the way you feel about what you are doing. Things that feel most certain or decisive about -you are meant to take action.

2-4Feel-Good Habit #2-Being the First to Do it Wrong Means You're Closer to Doing it Right

It's challenging being the first to try something​ new​ because your ideas aren't proven. There is a risk of failure. However, you can't get it right until you get it wrong.

Doing things because other people have done them is ​not as rewarding as creating something new.

Believe in your ideas. Take action on what you ​believe ​, ​not what ​you ​are ​told to ​think.

9-2Feel-Good Habit #3-Many Opinions Contradict Reality.

We can only experience things through our perspective which means what we perceive isn't reality. What we determine to be true is based on assumption not actual experience.

When something doesn't feel good to you, it means you could benefit from broadening your perspective. Look for anything positive and it can nudge you towards potential.

5-4Feel-Good Habit #4- Your Thoughts Create Your Life

If you believe you cannot do something, you cannot do it. It all starts with the thought and your belief must line up with the thought to create energy that eventually turns into reality.

The substance of who you are is more in the unseen than the seen. It's the energy build up before manifestation into reality. If all you know to be true is physical stuff you have ( ie- a house, a job, a car) you are missing the creation process.

What do you think about the things that you want? Do you think you can have them or not?


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