Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Life

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Are you ambitious? If so, you are likely big on setting goals. 

This article will encourage you to rely on belief, passion and other good feelings to propel you forward, along with your goals. It's powerful to sprinkle into your life goals that don’t always require resolution. They are boundless and based on beliefs, not outcomes.

For instance, If you want to lose 10 pounds, focus on having abundant health and energy. I would focus on how healthy food and fun exercise makes me feel good. Always start with the feeling, because emotion alters your beliefs.

Losing 10 pounds is a concrete goal. But focusing on the goal may irritate progress; it's an external condition that says you can’t be healthy and fit until you lose 10 pounds. This will agitate your innate passion. Passion and good health are inside, so start here.

Losing ten pounds is pegged to a result and tenuously tied to conclusions that can easily create doubt. Any limitation, fear or doubt will stall you. Unlimited health and energy is vibration. It’s calling on energy and possibility that is inside you now. It’s not a far off goal. 

I set concrete goals; they give me direction and help me manage time. I just don’t let myself get attached to results.  When sales fall short of a target, I grow. I know I need to keep moving forward, and I need to feel good.

So I think about possibilities, not lack. For instance, when my results were weak, I once widened the net on my potential prospects in my campaign. The results were better than expected.  When someone denies working with me, it never means no; it means not right now. I take in the information and adjust my approach. I grow past the boundary they have presented to me. 

Whenever I feel doubt, I know I need to relax the conditions that are limiting my success. To do this, I look at those conditions as possibilities and an opportunity to move further towards my potential. 

Here's an Example of Using Positive Belief to Move Forward:

I didn’t get the contract I was hoping for. I feel deflated. 

I have two choices; I can continue down the road of rejection and entertain thoughts of defeat. It will continue to make me feel bad, and I will be stalled.

Or when I get wind of the bad feeling that comes with rejection, I now know I need to relax the conditions. The condition is -for me to be successful or happy, I need that contract. The feeling of success and happiness is inside me all along, so I can nourish those feelings. I can affirm successful thoughts; I can visualize success. It will make me feel better, which is the right direction.

Once I start to get a positive feeling of momentum,  I would take the reason for the rejection and use it to nudge me towards opportunity. Suddenly I may realize my proposal had flaws. This is not a glaring deficiency but potential. This awareness can lead me in a bunch of new directions.  However, I usually find small adjustments make a huge difference in attracting future success. 

I was a keynote speaker for a weight loss conference where the whole philosophy behind their program was a belief in yourself and positive thinking. It worked! People lost weight and felt really good.

To keep moving forward, you have to focus on possibility instead of conflict. If you do, new ideas can flow. It’s just that your knee jerk response to conflict is slowing down your momentum.

Normal life causes you to feel agitated and confused. Rise above. Everything that happens, good or bad, is information. I usually find it's the energy I attach to the information that can stall or flattens potential.

I know it’s hard to believe what you can’t see. Goals are concrete, and they give you comfort. Letting go is hard. But settling for results that don’t match your enthusiasm is even harder. You don’t want to look back at your life and realize you settled.

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