Can a Motivational Keynote Speaker Make an Impact?

If your company is in the midst of a constructive transformation of business in terms of innovation, technology, work processes, restructuring, or strategic implementation, bringing in the right motivational keynote speakers absolutely matters. You need much more than a business motivational speaker. Their speech has to have real-world application and real take-home value.

Is the return on investment for hiring motivational keynote speakers to address your employees worth it? In short, yes. Here’s why:

Reignite their motivation

A great motivational speech can make people feel inspired. It helps them think positively, see opportunities, and take action with purpose. Studies show that motivated employees are 20% more effective, and motivated teams have 41% less absenteeism and 17% more productivity.

Bring in a fresh perspective

When done properly, a keynote address sheds light on hidden challenges and inspires creative solutions. It enables teams to better understand the implications of their decisions and how they can make an impact. With new information comes fresh ideas, which can be implemented to achieve long-term goals.

Reinforce bonds

A keynote address can promote teamwork by encouraging collaboration, facilitating communication, and fostering understanding among team members. This can help all facets of an organization work together effectively towards common goals. In essence, motivational keynote speakers can help you to harness the power of unity to reach new heights.

So, what's next?

For over twenty-three years, Jody Urquhart has been helping organizations and individuals harness the power of motivation.

As a humorous and inspirational keynote speaker and a former stand-up comedian, Jody has been able to mix humor with personal stories to bring the audience’s minds back to a state of joy and clarity. Her keynote speeches are designed to help teams to make an everlasting impact in their business by unlocking untapped potential and re-igniting the spark for success.

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