How to Hire a Motivational Speaker for Nursing Events

motivational speaker for nursesNursing is a unique profession. Nurses work really hard and the work is usually very physically demanding. Many nurses continually feel overworked and frustrated as healthcare facilities ( hospitals, acute and long term care, etc) are short staffed and lack resources.

Many nurses deal with compliance issues and lots of paperwork; which can take them away from patient care. Most nurses take a lot of pride in their profession and they love knowing they make a difference every day, every patient.

I believe a good motivational speaker for nursing events will highlight the above ( and):

  • research and interview potential audience members to find out about specific stresses and issues in their industry.
  • have or find personal stories that connect to the heart of a nurses work
  • a motivational speaker's message should be motivating and general enough to engage the entire group.
  • the motivational speech usually engages the soft skills ( like staying motivated, communication, team work, etc)
  • the title, write up and topic of the motivational speech should be catchy and interesting so people are compelled to listen
  • to hire a motivational speaker for a nursing event ask friends and collegues for referrals first.
  • read our blog How to Hire a Motivational Speaker

See our Motivational speeches for nurses.

I did work in healthcare for awhile, I am not a nurse. I did start my motivational speaker career in healthcare and presented for only healthcare audiences for over 8 years. I learned the hard way that you really need to get to know your audience. Thanks to hundreds of forgiving healthcare professionals I have gotten to know the healthcare industry.

Healthcare is unique.

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