Inspirational Speaker for Hospitality Financial Professionals

inspirational speaker for hospitality and finance

On June 24, 2013 I am and inspirational speaker for the Hospitality Finance and Technology Professionals Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Over 150 hospitality, financial professionals will attend this conference. Most of the audience is comprised of directors of finance who work in either clubs ( golf, tennis, etc) or in hotels.

What makes this profession unique from other finance positions is that hospitality/ financial professionals balance their time between balancing budgets and interacting with other hospitality departments.

Daily a hotel director of finance ( depending on the size or chain) may interact with housekeeping, the front desk( room rates), catering, HR, the meetings department and more to discuss ways to increase revenues or decrease costs.

A big challenge now that hotels face is their guests come carrying Ipads, game boy, smartphones and other cool technologies. These heavy tech users demand increasing bandwidths, which at varying times may not be sufficient. 

Finally, the hotel industry is largely effected by credit card fraud and hacking. They are actively working with Visa and Mastercard to comply with policies to curb the fraud.

Relevant to this group is the Obama administrations Affordable Care Act that will be rolled out in 2014. Alot of uncertainty is swooning around the act as people are not sure how it will affect there employee benefit plans.

Finance directors who work in clubs must deal with club boards that are made up of volunteers who are members of the club and have a vested interest. They will report to the board and advise on finance, HR,  and club member relations.

I am looking forward to being the closing inspirational speaker for this group of extroverted hospitality financial professionals who enjoy working with people and balancing budgets.

My motivational speech will be The Nerve to Serve... Say Hello to Humor and Goodbye to Burnout!

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