Funny Motivational Speaker Rick Mercer

funny motivational speakerAt the DPI program last week I watched motivational speaker Rick Mercer deliver his very funny motivational speech, Canada A Nation worth Ranting About.

Rick talks about the fear of the blank page, where every episode, he and his staff would wonder where the programming would evolve from.  The motivational speech featured some very funny stories and clips from his popular show, the Mercer Report.

Some of the stories the funny motivational speaker told included:

Mercers childhood hero, Rick Hanson agreed to go on the Mercer Report. He wanted to take Mercer Sturgeon fishing. Unfortunately it is as boring as watching paint dry, so Mercer suggested instead they try bungee jumping. Hanson was reluctant until he shared the story with a friend who said, "you can't do that, your in a wheelchair." Rick Hanson, known as the man in motion, has made it his life work to prove you can do anything, even in a wheelchair.

Thus, the next day, Hanson called up Mercer and agreed to do the show, bungee jumping. While filming the show, 100 feet up on top of a bridge, they quickly discovered that the major challenge with bungee jumping is- you have to jump. The story ended with Mercer pushing his hero, the man in motion, off a bridge in a wheelchair.

Rick started his career interviewing politicians who proved to be too weird so he started looking to fill the page elsewhere. Throughout his funny motivational speech, he shared humorous video clips of senior citizen, public servants, and everyday working people. The clips featured Mercer in his clumsy, self depricating way doing a multitude of different jobs that illustrated how hard working canadian are.

I enjoyed Rick Mercers funny motivational speech and found him to be even more dyamic funny motivational speaker in person.

On the event program I was the closing motivational speaker the night before the gala event doing the motivational speech the Nerve to Serve... Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!

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