Motivational Speaker for Dental Staff Appreciation Event

motivational speaker for dental staff appreciation eventI am a motivational speaker for the Multnomah Dental Staff appreciation event in Portland, Oregon next week.

This staff appreciation event will be designed to boost morale and allow different departments to highlight what is going on in their work groups.

My motivational speech will highlight 6 business areas and their specific accomplishments. The Multnomah County dental department has been through some incredible changes over the last year. I was a motivational speaker for the Multinomah County dental event last February and I am amazed at what they have accomplished over the last 12 months.

Some of the success stories I will highlight in my motivational speech:

Billi Odegaard Clinic- This stunning clinic with beautiful large windows (that open - a real perk!), was unveiled in November. Different from the other clinics, Billi Odegaard does not accept walk in appointments. Instead, they take referrals from social service agencies, serving the low income populations. I asked Beverlee, a dentist at the clinic, what working with these patients is like. She suggested they are very easy going and actually want to go to the dentist!  This group was also the guinea pig for the new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system the county has moved to.

Mid County Dental Clinic- This clinic has been dealing with hiccups with the Electronic Dental Records system. They have also had some staff changes with the Rockwood Clinic.

East County Dental Clinic- This is the largest clinic in Multnomah, serving over 1800 patients in a month. Being the largest clinic, the Electronic Dental Records initiative has been the hardest, most unwieldy to implement. Old patient charts and data must be merged with the new system and a lot checking and double checking each other's work takes place.

School and Oral Health Program- This program provides preventative care to children in schools. The School and Oral Health group runs three main programs: the fluoride tablet program, the dental van program which does over 24 visits a year to help kids who don't have access to dental care, and a Baby Day for parents with babies to get educated on dental care.

Southeast Dental Clinic- This clinic was the first to convert to the Electronic Medical Records system. They are also in the middle of construction, which is always fun!

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