Outline for a Stress Management Workshop

inspirational speaker for company eventsLast week after a motivational talk, a delegate asked me to provide him with a basic outline for a stress management workshop.  He is charged with doing a stress management workshop for his staff to replace a guest speaker and doesn't know where to start.

To entice him to visit my wildly popular blog, I decided to give it a crack here.

I am usually engaged as an inspirational speaker or a motivational speaker for company events but from time to time I deliver stress management workshops because there is a strong association; usually the motivational talk relates to using humour to take yourself lightly and reduce stress.

I suggested to address the stress in his workplace, he should educate participants on the following:

1) Analyze the Stress. The inherent stress of a job comes from these factors:

  •  Demands of the job. This refers to the basic work load, work patterns, and work environment.
  • Control. This relates to how much control people have over the work they do in ratio to the demands the job puts on them.
  •  Support. Specifically, the amount of support employees get from leadership or the company resources they can rely on when needed.
  • Relationships. In a motivational talk, we discuss how difficult relationships at work can really suck the energy out of people. Positive relationships make a big, positive impact on morale.
  • Role. Everyday work roles and pressures evolve, increase and change, ebb and flow. Sometimes confusion occurs. Stress results when individuals misunderstand their roles or have conflicting roles.
  •  Change. Stress results when rapid change leaves people feeling battered and abused. Change needs to be managed and communicated and people need to regroup.


2) Educate on Symptoms

In a stress management workshop I would also educate participants on the symptoms of stress. Symptoms of stress are individual (poor sleep patterns, health issues, strained relationships) and organizational (low morale, high turnover, reduced performance and productivity).

3) Discovery

 How are you balancing your demands with your resources for dealing with them?

 See other resources. Inspirational speaker for company events.

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