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How to increase the Value of a Motivational Speech

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Mar 20, 2012 @ 12:58 PM

motivational speechWhen I was a teenager, I used to listen to motivational speaker Zig Ziglar on audiotape.

I didn't listen to his motivational speeches once but more like 200 times. To my friends agony I used to walk around and quote the famous motivational speaker.

They thought I was crazy, but repeating what I had learned was the key to reinforce and integrate his wisdom.

A truly motivational speech will continue to inspire, even when you have heard it many times. Sometimes listening to the same lessons and stories can knaw on your sanity but repetition is the key to success.

To really increase the impact of a motivational speakers motivational speech, consider the following actions:

  • Repetition.

Repeating a message helps to lock it into your conscious and subconscious mind. Eventually concepts become so familiar they slide into your day to day routine.

  • Take Action.

Just listening to a motivational speech won't do much. You have to act on your inspiration. Strike while the motivation still moves you and practice one or two suggestions. See how it works, tweak your approach and try again.

  • Teach Others.

The best way to dissect and personalize inspiration is to share the ideas with others. You too can annoy and inspire your friends and family by quoting motivational speakers.

I would listen to zig ziglars motivational speeches and try to explain the concepts to my classmates in the gym locker room. Motivation has been known to increase sports performance and these motivational speeches seemed to spark some enthusiasm that I surmise translated into success.

Years later I am a keynote motivational speaker and I credit it to years of indoctrination from many motivational speakers who inspired me. My favorite motivational speaker, inspiration and friend being Billy Clennan.

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