Wellness Benefits of Laughter, Physical, Mental, Social

motivational speaker on fun at workNow more than ever, people need to laugh. Just look around, and you see overstressed, overworked people.

As a motivational speaker, I hear most audiences today say they have too much to do and not enough time to do it. At the end of the day, professionals leave work physically but their mind is still stuck at the office.

It's hard to let go when you know that chaos awaits you the next day. Making matters worse, stress compounds in work relationships and can become overwhelming.

If this sounds like your workplace, consider this question:

When was the last time you laughed? Seriously, if it's been awhile, this may be the best way to unravel your stressful core.

Just start cracking your serious stance and see how laughter has a domino effect. It is infectious, and it builds relations up between people.

Below are the physical, mental and social benefits of humor in the workplace

Physical Benefits of Laughter:

  • has a relaxational effect
  • gives you a natural boost of energy
  • increases oxygen to the front part of the brain, which make you more productive
  • boosts immunity, prevents heart disease, has cardiovascular benefits
  • decreases pent up muscle tension due to stress
  • decreases pain

Mental Health Benefits of Laughter

  • distracts you from the stress of the moment, helps you get out of your rut
  • gives you a sense of distance and perspective from worry and stress
  • forces a positive broader perspective about stress
  • immediately improves your mood
  • makes you resilient in stress
  • allows you to bounce back quicker from distress

Social Health Benefits of Laughter

  • diffuses built up tension and can alleviate conflict
  • builds rapport... (people who play together stay together)
  • makes work fly by (time flies when your having fun)
  • helps you bond with others
  • from a motivational speakers perspective, it builds rapport with the audience
  • allows a positive way to deal with stressful things
  • gives you a new sense of shared purpose and direction
  • teaches you to take yourself lightly
  • creates more fun at work

Once Compelled to use humor, most people look for tricks, techniques or programs that will add fun to their work. When I am a motivational speaker at meetings, I tell people humor isn't a program, it's a perspective. So forget about being funny and just have fun.

One of the best ways to take yourself lightly is to give yourself permission to play, like children do. That's right, just let go of that serious side and do something ridiculous for no reason at all (but to lighten up). You will shock your family and delight your friends.

Laughter is a welcome distraction. If we can't let go of our work completly at least we can find ways to divert our attention. Have fun at work while at the same time experience great mental, physical and social benefits. Boost your wellness instantly with levity.

A good laugh inspires hope and makes you feel grounded and in control.

As a humorous speaker for company events, I spend a lot of time talking about humors effects on wellness.

The study of laughter is called gelotology, and those studies have shown that unlike other emotional responses, laughter is controlled by many parts of the brain.   According to a Derks Study, a group of scientists hooked up students to an EEG and found these specific brain reactions to laughter:

During the experiment, researchers observed the following specific activities:

  • The left side of the cortex (the layer of cells that covers the entire surface of the forebrain) analyzed the words and structure of the joke.
  • The brain's large frontal lobe, which is involved in social emotional responses, became very active.
  • The right hemisphere of the cortex carried out the intellectual analysis required to understand a joke.
  • Brainwave activity then spread to the sensory processing area of the occipital lobe (the area on the back of the head that contains the cells that process visual signals).
  • Stimulation of the motor sections evoked physical responses to the joke

When I am a speaker for companies on humor and wellness, I always hook up my seminar participants to an EEG at the front of the room and monitor their brainwaves. Just kidding, although it sounds fun! I'll leave that to the scientists.

We all know laughter affects the brain, and now we know how.

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