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motivational keynote speaker for parks and recreation professionalsI am a motivational keynote speaker for a Parks and Recreation Conference in June. From my pre- program interviews I am reminded how parks and recreation professionals and our nations parks have a positive impact on our communities.

Today many professionals have a hard time leaving Work at Work.

Looming deadlines. Unfinished business. Cost constraints. All of these are things that cause stress that business professionals have a hard time letting go of at the end of the work day. If you find yourself sitting outside on a hot sunny day surrounded by flowers, birds chirping and children playing and thinking about deadlines, agendas and objectives, than this is a problem. People don't have alot of fun at work.

Worrying about your work robs you of the beauty of the present moment. As this beautiful day unfolds in front of you, you miss it all because your mind is back at the office.

Fun at work is important but staying in the present moment is a lot easier when you are surrounded by beauty, our community parks are the best way get the best out of life.

I am a speaker for the parks and recreation conference on, The Nerve to Serve... Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout! My goal is to remind parks and rec professionals how play decreases stress and brings families together.

My arguement goes like this...Play happens in the present moment (where time flies when you’re having fun), you cannot be having loads of fun playing a game with friends and thinking about your job at the same time. You can distract yourself from your work by getting absorbed in play. The overall result will be a more balanced perspective, and increased health and wellness. Play is a healthy distraction that will balance your life.

What better way to play than get out of the house, leave your work at work and go and enjoy mother nature in the beautiful parks we have to enjoy?

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