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public speaking topicsI was the keynote speaker at a conference this week where a delegate asked, "What are good public speaking topics?" Hmmm i had to think about it.

This blog is an attempt to answer the question, What are good topics to speak about that people feel compelled to listen? I think you need to consider 3 things..

Relevent. The subject should be relevent to the audience. Who needs to hear it and why? A great speaker knows their audience.

Timely? Anything that addresses something going on right now, something pressing like a flew virus, the economy. As a Leadership and Diversity Expert, I get alot of calls about managing millenials. Apparently companies are really challenging trying to understand and relate to this feisty generation. This is a timely topic.

Type. Motivational talks are only one type of presentation. A speech or seminar can be informational,Controversial,demonstrative, humorous and more. Famous public speakers like Martin Luther King were persuasive speakers.

A strategy speaker would share specific ways to reach a certain goal.

Whatever your public speaking topic is be absolutely clear what you want the audience to do at the end of the talk. You will speak with conviction if you understand your audience, know the goal and type of talk, on a subject thats relevent and timely.

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