Motivational Speaker Rants about Negative People

Negative people annoy me. If your going to be cranky than it's your choice but don't infect everyone around you with your sour disposition.

Motivational SpeakerI chose to keep a positive attitude. This isn't always easy. Some days just plain suck and when i find myself wallowing, it takes work but i struggle to continue to see the positive.

I remind myself this is temporary or their is always something good in the bad (unless their is not).

Being positive takes effort. It doesn't magically take my troubles away or suddenly transform my world into dreamland. You have to be committed to being positive.

It is also not true that being positive distorts your perspective or makes you unrealistic. Instead it gives you more options to consider.

As a keynote speaker many people come up to me and say that negative people completely drain them and leave them feeling depressed and exhausted.

First thing to do is be aware of who the negative people are in your life. In a later blog i will discuss what to do with these life sucking forces but for now let's just pinpoint who they are.

If you feel you are attracting the undesirable into your life, recognize their negative patterns.

When you are around negative people you will experience:

A feeling of being demeaned or attacked

A feeling like you need to get away from them- fast

Your energy starts to deplete

Pay attention to what the person talks about, is it always negatively spun?

Mean people make life more complicated for you because they want to bring your life down to their level.

By the way you should not be hearing wedding bells, picking out china patterns or thinking about having kids with difficult duds unless you want to always be the motivator and never be cheered up.

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