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How Much do Motivational Speakers Charge?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Dec 29, 2014 @ 04:48 PM

hire a motivational speakerHow much do Motivational Speakers Charge?

I get this question all the time. The fee for motivational speakers can be all over the map, so it's hard to differentiate.

Generally though, someone with less experience as a motivational speaker will charge less.

How to Hire a Motivational Speaker

Remember a motivational speaker is different than a trainer or a workshop leader. The goal of a motivational speech is to uplift, inspire and generally change or reinvigorate attitudes. A workshop leader or trainer is more geared to training specific skills.

Motivational speakers usually charge more than a trainer or workshop leader. Many motivational speakers may start as workshop leaders and trainers to gain experience.

A novice motivational speaker may charge fees anywhere from $2,000- 4,000 ( plus expenses). Of course there are exceptions. Some experienced speakers will lower their fee as a favor, for the opportunity to speak to the group or they just love that particular audience.

Speakers in this price range will hopefully have some experience in front of larger audiences and a fairly refined message. It should be a good experience for the audience and they should walk away with some insight.

A more Experienced Motivational Speaker may charge fees anywhere from $4000 to $10,000 plus (plus expenses). Because they are in higher demand, they have a more refined message and are more well known; so there fees go up. You can expect a more polished, customized presentation, high energy delivery and an overall very memorable and impactful experience.

Celebrity Motivational Speakers may charge fees anywhere from $20,000 or higher. They charge higher fees because their message or situation puts them in vogue right now and can help boost attendance at the conference.

Unfortunatley I have seen several Survivor and American Idol winners bomb on the platform because their job is not motivational speaking but they are doing it because they are in the news and people want to hear their story.

If you are hiring a motivational speaker, decide on your budget first. Once you set this figure, then determine who are the contenders within that budget.


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