Simple lessons in Accountability

humorous motivational speaker  Last week I was a humorous motivational speaker for Clyde construction company annual meeting.

The other motivational speaker was David Nelson delivering his motivational speech, Getting Results with Crucial Accountability. David works for VitalSmarts who research, develop and present for thousands of events. VitalSmarts is associated with  the Franklin Covey Organization and authors of the Best Selling Crucial Conversations books.

The motivational speech opened with some compelling statistics: 37% of people search the web constantly at work and 30- 40% of internet used in the workplace does not relate to business. 60% of online purchases are made at work.

This opened up the conversation to make a case for increased accountability. The motivational speaker used an interesting analogy: For a fly fisherman looking out at a lake, what you see is a large body of water. Once you put on polarized glasses suddenly what you can see beneath the surface are fish.

Until you put on the glasses you can't see the fish even though they are there all along. It is an interesting way to view your work with others.

The motivational speaker shared the following formula relating to trust:

Increased Trust = Increased Speed + Decreased Cost

The example used was the hot dog vendor dealing with very long customer line ups.  He couldn't keep up with demand. What slowed down the process was making change for customers was taking too long. So instead he put out a basket and a sign that read:  "Please make your own change."

By trusting his customers he was able to serve more customers, faster. Revenues went up not down. The motivational speech focused on 4 Cores to Credibility:Character, Competency,Integrity and Capability.

I enjoyed being a humorous motivational speaker for the construction company, My opening keynote speech was This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me!

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