Should You Hire a Motivational Speaker for a Company Christmas Party?

Workplace Humor Speaker for the HolidaysNow that the holiday season is in full swing, I have been a humorous motivational speaker for several company Christmas parties.

Most organizations either host a band, a comedian or hire a motivational speaker to celebrate the occasion.

Either can be successful as they provide meaningful entertainment that can break the ice and warm people up for networking and deeper connection. 

Last night I was a motivational speaker for a construction company. The president contacted me after seeing me give a motivational speech at an industry event. He suggested that they normally have a band but people often left before they had to endure seeing their peers grind on the dance floor.

He decided to take a risk, try something new and hired me to deliver a humorous motivational speech. The awards, dinner and desert went past 11 pm and people were drinking and eating a lot, so I gave a short (one hour) funny, interactive motivational talk. 


People laughed, interacted, playfully poked fun of each other and engaged. The motivational speech was wrapped around key people, projects, and success stories from the audience. 

things to consider

I consider the following factors key to successfully hiring a motivational speaker for a company Christmas party:
  • Hire a humorous motivational speaker who can interact with the audience. When audiences have been drinking, humor keeps tension down and spirits up. When people laugh they stay awake.

  • Interaction keeps the audience involved and keeps the message focused on them. When drinking, some audience members tend to be a bit more rowdy and verbal, where some playful heckling will keep them in line.

  • Less is often more. Usually 45 to 60 minutes is a good length for a humorous motivational speech after dinner. The construction company CEO offered this great analogy; it's like going to a fine restaurant where they serve portions just large enough to make you satisfied but wanting more. A great motivational speaker for a company party ( especially after dinner and drinks) will speak just long enough to keep audiences wanting more.

  • After the humorous motivational speech, build in time for drinks and networking. After people are laughing they often loosen up and interact easier with others, so give them the opportunity. 

  • Help the motivational speaker prepare for your company Christmas party by offering him key company success stories, familiarize him with projects and key players and encourage him to make it a part of his motivational talk.

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