Disadvantages of Giving a Motivational Speech in an Exhibit Space

motivational speakerOn November 21, 2013 I was a humorous motivational speaker for the Louisiana Transit Authority at the Hyatt Regency on Loyola Ave.

A stunning new facility that suggests a vibrant, upscale, modern vibe.

Unfortunately, the meeting space itself left a lot to be desired. Situated in the bottom floor of the convention space, our meeting took place in the Elite room. Essentially it was a large exhibit space, with one area slightly altered to make it into a cosier meeting space.
These alteration included curtains, dividing walls and some warm spotlights pointing to the stage.

As a motivational speaker I find exhibit spaces to be the worst place to hold an educational meeting. Often in an attempt to get delegates to " visit" with the vendors, meeting panners have the motivational speaker present in the exhibit space.

These large formal exhibit spaces usually seem cold, uninviting and not condusive to learning.  With large ceilings the sound tends to bounce off the ceiling and may even echo in the process. Bright florescent lights do show off exhibit signs but they are a more harsh, unforgiving light.
Usually convention attendees are sectioned off in a small segment of a larger room so the sound also verbiates off the walls around the room instead of staying focused in our small section.

Presenting a motivational speech to a small segment of a large, mostly empty room can be awkward, as the rest of the desolate meeting space doesn't make the learning experience feel inviting.

Generally exhibitor booths are quarantined off to the side or lining the back walls of the room, which can add warmth and character . More likely though,  it is distracting as exhibitors and vendors take calls and walk in and out of the room.
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