What if Everyone in the World were Just Like You?

motivational speaker for healthcareI was a motivational speaker for a healthcare conference where the other guest speaker suggested the audience ponder the question, what kind of world would this be if everyone in it were just like me?

 The guest speaker further led the audience to be sensitive to their shortcomings. During the motivational speech I gave the soul searching activity a stab and this blog is what I came up with.

If everyone were just like me I think the world would be an annoying place. I imagine a world where everyone wants to speak up and voice their opinion( oh wait isn't that the world right now?). My shortcomings include: I love to think on my feet and I often speak before I think, so it can confuse others.  I can also be disorganized and I lack attention to detail.
To save space these are the only weaknesses I will divulge, although I have many, many more.
If the world didn't pay attention to detail many mistakes would continue to take place, important elements would be missed, people would be frustrated and progress would hit a stand still.
I tend to jump into things unprepared as I learn best as I go. Thus it looks like I get a lot accomplished but beneath the surface I blunder a lot along the way.  If the world were to operate where we just jumped into things without preparation we would be a very troubled place.
The motivational speaker for the healthcare conference really helped me appreciate how others with a different personality ( ie- detail oriented, spread sheet enthusiasts) really balance the world. The guest speakers motivational speech also made me sit up and focus on strengthening my weaknesses. I know my lack of detail can wreek havock on some people's lives; so now it's time to pay attention to the details.

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