5 Top Reasons to Attend a Conference

motivational speakerLast week I was a motivational speaker for a technology and support staff conference. Walking through the hallways, I was taken aback by the tremendous spirit and engagement of delegates. Clearly, this was an industry event not to be missed. Meeting delegates came from all across the world to attend.

Like any great event, delegates knew the tremendous benefits of attending a live conference.

The Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Conference are:

To network. Conferences are invaluable opportunities to meet people in your industry and find out what works and what doesn't in there workflow and organization. You may be challenged to consider new ideas and theories.

To learn cutting edge industry knowledge. Change in most industries is happening daily. New technology, industry policies, compliance issues and overall awareness can be enhanced by attending one conference.

To get Continuing Education Credits ( CEU's). Many professionals need a certain number of CEU's to meet there criteria every year. These may be available online and other media but the advantage of a face to face meeting is the opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns,show you interest and be aware.

To get Inspired. Most conferences feature a motivational keynote speaker who will give you insight and inspiration to conquer the world. A live motivational speech is by far the most impactful way to directly impact someones thoughts, words and behaviours.

To meet vendors face to face. Vendors go to great lengths to be in front of there core clientelle. This is your opportunity to voice your frustrations in products, to ask questions and get guidance.

There were 5 well known motivational speakers for the technology and support staff conference presenting motivational speeches on Stress management, psychology, politics and humor.

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