Keys to Effective Feedback and Appreciation

motivational keynote speakerAs a motivational keynote speaker, I often hear that younger professionals want a lot of appreciation.

It's true that a culture of appreciation makes a difference as studies suggest that the number reason people leave their work is they feel underappreciated.

However, excessive recognition often translates to a high maintenance workforce. Ultimately, you never want to have to recognize and acknowledge people constantly.

Never ever ever recognize people for work they are supposed to do as a part of their job. Be careful about recognizing people for showing up for work on time, not being sick, even time on job can be questionable.

Never recognize mediocre work. Ever. Basics about a job need to be clearly identified and they need to be documented and communicated.

Only recognize going above and beyond. so you have to define this.

Entitlement comes when you build in bonus structures, prizes and perks for work. Doesn't mean bonuses doesn't work, they are very motivating.... but begs the question if you can perform to this level why don't you all the time?

Basics of recognition comes in unexpected ways.....
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Way we recognize people expected ways...

Organizations have formal recognition ceremonies call certain winners up like...
employee of month, service star to room give them bonus some sort.
Create competition
It's a team effort
Recognizes work supposed to do

Best recognition has 4 qualities
Unexpected recognition... simple thank you note, catch em in the act, colleagues enter coworkers name into draw. Someone wins every month.
Point systems I like. Earn points for above and beyond behavior that you can use to get extra day off...
Spontaneous pizza party winner,

All of these do not create entitlement because they are unexpected
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