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motivational speaker webinarOn June 24, 2013 I was a motivational speaker at the HFTP Club and Hotel Controllers conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As another benefit to their members I will be presenting a motivational speech in a webinar format on the topic, Follow Me I'm Right Behind You- How to Lead a Multigenerational Workforce.

The hospitality industry attracts all generations and for different reasons. Many leaders struggle to understand how to communicate and inspire different generations.

Different age groups bring unique qualities to the table, understanding those qualities and altering your leadership approach goes a long way to attracting and retaining what can be a very transient, (often seasonal )workforce.

There are a lot of beliefs, myths and sweeping generalizations about younger workers that we will discuss. Such attitudes like entitlement, etiquette,technology and more can be understood and embraced to increase workplace motivation and loyalty.

Today's workforce is digitally connected and more global than ever before. Employees are empowered with information, relationships and connections that give them a new level of engagement, empowerment and focus.

Understanding this will help hospitality finance technology professionals get the most out of a very savvy workforce.

Some of the strategies we will discuss in the webinar are:

Set clear expectations.

Offer flexibility.

The role of instant gratification

Communicate in multiple ways ( text, email, face to face) and often.

Cater your message to your audience.  Speed, customization and interaction are key.

The art of appreciation. The influence of fast and immediate feedback on performance.

Influence without Authority

This unique audience regularily interacts with staff at all levels in the hospitality industry from housekeeping, general management, administration, catering, HR, the meetings and event department and more. In this role, they often must influence others decisions without having direct authority over them.

Throughout the webinar we will discuss techniques to engage a very distracted, multi tasking, overworked workforce.

I am looking forward to the webinar that is taking place on August 29, 2013.

For more information on how to manage a diverse workforce please see our articles database or motivational speech on our website.

I am also participating as a motivational speaker in a webinar for the Women on the Edge of Greatness Virtual event on October 14, 2013.



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