Closing Motivational Keynote Speaker- Comedy or Content?

funny motivational speakerThe closing motivational keynote speaker should leave the audience refreshed and with renewed vitality to bring back to work.

Usually people want to leave an event on a high note. They need inspiration. They need to feel uplifted after a long cycle of learning. Too much content is risky because people's brains may be full, and some of the learning is already starting to dissolve.

Add to this that at the end of the event, people have flight and travel plans to contend with and upwards of 25% of the group may already have left. The final motivational speaker needs to leave the final and lasting impression.

Should you hire a funny motivational speaker or an industry content expert guest speaker as your closing keynote speaker?

Advantages of the industry expert guest speaker:

As long as the content isn't too dense and is brought alive with relevant analogies that the audience can relate to, an industry expert can leave people with a valuable perspective.

Advantages of the funny motivational speaker:

Humor bonds a group and creates lasting memories. Add to this that laughter is a natural tonic that relaxes people and grounds them for success.

A great way to leave any event is happier than when you first came and closer to the people involved.

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