Belief is the Most Rewarding Path to Everything you Need

Bliss Out Templates (26)-1-1Know Your Worth.

Do you look for cues from others to determine if you're right or wrong? Most people do. This can lead to continually needing to justify yourself. It becomes a pattern.

You have an inner source of continual inspiration and intuition that is always your best guide. The best way to access it is through feeling good. It might feel like joy, confidence or self-assurance. But it’s not a goal you need to accomplish through other people in the future; it’s a feeling inside you now.

As long as you tie your decisions and actions to other people’s assessments, you can’t access your inner wisdom.


In a world where goals are a priority, feelings seem intangible, yet they are your quickest path to everything you need. For most people, the only thing stopping them is worry and doubt.

Be sure to feel good before taking action. Just skip a beat and imagine how it will feel when you get to where you're going. Remind yourself of the value of your actions. Put that good feeling into yourself as often as you can and in any present moment.

Bliss out on these good vibes.

Bliss Out Templates (28)-2Feel-Good Habit #2-You are meant to replenish with your bliss, not spend your energy defending stress.

Feeling bad about your job or a relationship?
Your momentum will change when you allow yourself to feel better.

Deliberately deciding how you want to feel in any relationship or situation is very rewarding. Steady thoughts and feelings about a happy relationship will always move it forward. Steady thoughts about rewarding, fun, meaningful work will move your job forward, too.

It’s a feeling, not a doing. Your spouse doesn’t have to change or earn your loving thoughts. Your job does not have to change.

Remove all critical thoughts and doubt, and you’ll see that happiness never left you. It’s just that you have been distracted by stress.


Today take a two-minute time out from focusing on the trapping of the world around you.
Instead, grab ahold of joy. Reimagine joy in your relationships. Imagine having fun together at work.

Once you remember what it feels like to have fun, you can feel that way anytime.
Bliss out on fun work, and the work will become fun.

Bliss Out Templates (29)-2Feel- Good Habit #3-Use your Past to Remind You not to Define You.

Change is hard when we keep talking and thinking about how something was instead of how we want it to be.

The way to let go of the past is to stop thinking about it. Your past is over, and your future is waiting.


Do you spend more time thinking about your past or the present? It may help to write your thoughts down for a day to see a pattern.

It may also help to replace thoughts of the past with thoughts of things you like or things you want.

Bliss Out Templates (30)-1-1Feel-Good Habit #4-Focus on Health Not Illness.

Once a medical professional labels your illness, your focus goes to that prognosis.
Illness will flourish, not health.

Instead of focusing on the health you want, you will focus on illness. This stirs up thoughts of fear, anger, worry and doubt. You may find yourself stalking Google for answers, but you're looking in the wrong direction. All the answers you need for healing are inside you. Believe in vibrant good health.

Always focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.


Regularly focus on how you want to feel—healthy, vitality—and less on your current situation. It’s feeling healthy in the now—present moment—that will bring you bliss.


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