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Motivational speech keynote speakerHey ambitious friends, as we launch into this new year, you want to accomplish things (like ​earning a promotion at work, becoming a top professional, or losing weight). These motivational speeches will help you be the change you want to see in the world. ( Inspirational leader, Gandhi)

Motivational Speech- Be the Change you Want to See

Imagine someone ​who has already earned what you want. Consider how they feel about success. 

They no longer long for success; they have it. 

They don’t have to wonder if they have what it takes​. They know they do. 

They don’t have to get the approval of others​. They have it. 

You might think the difference between you and them is the time and effort they put in to get where they are. But the main difference between you and their level of success is the being, the feeling, the certainty, not the goal. 

They have the certainty of success​,​ and so it’s a given. They are the change they want.

​​ Also, consider they reached their goal​,​ and now ​that goal is no longer good enough. They need more​, a bigger goal.​

Goals always have you yearning and wanting more​,​ but it’s always easier to feel success and happiness, bliss out on it, in you, in the present moment. 

With enough confidence and belief​,​ success is a given. It’s done​; now enjoy the journey.

Motivational Speech to Ambition 

I want to speak to your ambition. ​Please turn off your mind and let me talk directly to that insatiable drive inside you that always ​wants more.

​Hey ambition, you are powerful. Your desire is strong. You keep going headstrong into the future. You long to improve life. You believe that if life can’t be improved​,​ then what’s the point? 

You take your cues from others and constantly create benchmarks to compare success.  You feel depleted when things don’t go your way. It can feel like an exhausting cycle of ups and downs. 

Ambition there is something you are missing. It’s just that the part of you that wants more is the part of you that is more. You only want more because you forget how powerful you already are. 

That insatiable drive is not telling you to improve​. It’s telling you to live up to who you are. 

Ambition let’s stop taking cues from others and start taking cues from ​ourselves. You are powerful​,​ and that deep desire is telling you that. Bring that power into everything you do, focus on its strength and certainty. 

Let’s ease up trying to improve everything and enjoy the journey of life. Be the power that you are​; everything else will fall in place. 

Motivational Speech: You don’t have to go backwards to go forward. 

​Many people think you have to remove all the barriers to success or happiness. To do this, you need to figure out the people, circumstances​ and limited mindset that ​make you unhappy and eliminate these. 

You can spend your entire ​life doing this​,​ and it will mostly just frustrate you. It’s because you can’t control circumstances or people. 

You also can’t go back and erase your past. You may have been treated poorly or taught things that diminished you. You can’t change that​; your ​history is ​made. 

The best thing you can do with your past ​is to forgive yourself and others. Appreciate how the past has helped you be who you are today. Rummaging around in the past and blaming or trying to fix it will never help you. 

It’s easier to appreciate this as a feeling​,​ not a goal. Your only goal is to feel better​ about your past. This is a feeling inside you​,​ and you don’t need anyone to change for you to feel better. 

The ambitious part of you will feel compelled to fix things. You may think you need to express your resentment to others to release it. This is a goal​,​ not a feeling. Resentment is inside you​; accept it and appreciate it. Nobody can do this for you. Involving others will complicate it. 

You may feel you need others to ​apologize for you to move on. You don’t. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously​; you can let go of resentment from the past. It’s a lot easier than you think when you ​realize it’s a feeling inside ​a ​moment to moment that matters​,​ and you don’t need to change anyone to feel better. 

Motivational Speech- Know your worth

You don’t need anyone’s​ approval to get what you want. Your power will diminish if you think you need others to understand your value or appreciate your ideas​. 

Growing attached to others feedback will deplete you and undermine the quality of your ideas. You will be in a tenuous position taking your cues from external sources.

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

It’s just that everyone else is doing the same thing. We’re all looking to each other on the news and social media and trying to pivot based on their assessments​,​ not our own. 

Nobody can ever tell you what’s right for you. Ever. Most people are a ​mishmash of mixed ​emotions​ because they ​take cues from others to give them direction. It’s messy and complicated. 

Someone else’s interpretation of you is a complex combination of their mood, circumstances and perspective. Their interpretation of you is more like an interpretation of themselves, not you. ​When someone is in a bad mood, it has absolutely nothing to do with you most of the time. 

Do you want to use that mixed emotion to plan your future? 

Play this message over and over. Don’t think about it​. Feel it. See what happens.

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