Be Kind to Yourself & Give Yourself a Break

keynote speakerDon’t be so hard on yourself.

When things go wrong​,​ you probably put yourself at the center of the conflict. Your desire to fix things means you have to be responsible.

When everything falls on you, it’s a tough spot to be in. Take a step back​,​ and you’ll see something went wrong​,​ but it wasn’t your fault. Circumstances changed​,​ and you can’t control that. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break.

Being hard on yourself is your stress cycle taking over to protect you. It’s releasing adrenaline and preparing you for battle. But there is no battle. The only ​struggle is with yourself​,​ and there is no possible way ​to win.

Under stress you can’t think straight​. You can’t make logical decisions under this stress. You also can’t outsmart stress​; thousands of years of evolution makes sure of that. But you could put down your weapon. Stop fighting yourself and have compassion for yourself instead.

Motivational Speech- Positive Thinking is Not a Goal, It's a Feeling

Positive thinking is not repressing negative feelings. Positive thinking and negative thinking are opposites. You can’t be positive and negative​ at the same time. You can’t feel good and bad at the same time.

​Being positive is not a goal to achieve, it's a feeling. If you are forcing yourself to be positive, ​you're not going to feel good. Don’t fake it​; feel it.

Repressed emotion is getting angry because you are angry. It’s being mad because you are mad. None of this is positive thinking. You are still focused on the negative thought.

Thinking and Feeling a little bit better can help. Just a little bit better, you can’t go from fear to love​,​ but you could go from sadness to compassion. Eventually​,​ you’ll start to see hope. Next opportunity. Next potential. It’s gradual​,​ so don’t be hard on yourself because that won’t make you feel good. Focus on feeling better moment to moment, not the goal of everlasting happiness. 

Motivational Speech -Lessons from People you Dislike

You can learn the most from people least like you. In life​,​ we surround ourselves with people most like us. It makes sense because you have a lot in common. But it means you're missing out on diverse perspectives. ​You only ​see one side of the story.

Keynote speaker on Hope

You can grow more from people you don’t naturally gravitate towards. People who have opposing ideas​ or even people you don’t like. Anyone who pushes your buttons is showing you a quality you don’t understand​​ ​ ​ ​or you could learn from. ​We don’t like people because we don’t know them​; we don’t understand them. The qualities in others you dislike are the qualities in yourself that would help you grow.

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