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Ultimately, meetings bring people together and are a great opportunity to innovate. Don't let your meeting be boring and uninteresting. Today, meetings compete with the fast-paced virtual social media world - and the competition is fierce! 

Most people only get the chance to meet once or twice a year, so it has to be relevant and unique.

 As a motivational speaker, I find every year a conference is a drastic shift in tone, usually due to the economy, politics or business environment. Don’t let the overall tone get too depressing. Keep it positive, instead of looking where you are, look at where you want to be. Invite guest speakers to talk about opportunities and future developments.

Never waste an opportunity to make a good meeting great and color your industry future vision in a positive, inspiring way. People get enough stress thrown at them at work, meetings should be a time to look forward to.

Most events require travel and travel gives you a unique and diverse perspective on the world you wouldn’t get otherwise. Today, distance no longer separates people so we have to thrive through diversity. There is no better way to do this than to have professionals come together, traveling from diverse areas and work environments.

Use meetings to help tease out that diversity and showcase different practices. Consider Hiring Female Motivational Speakers or someone outside of the industry to offer new perspectives.

  • Make a great first impression at an event by having a solid registration process. Work out the flaws before delegates arrive
  • Create the right mood with a great venue. If it's not easy to get to, offer clear transportation options available on the website.
  • Set the tone with great well-placed music, color, lights. I've found this can make a big difference in waiting time, between guest speakers or before a motivational speaker. Pump the room with colorful lights and upbeat music, this will build anticipation.
  • Be gracious and thank guests and sponsors for their support. There is no better way to engage someone than to involve them. Ask delegates to introduce guest speakers or help with greeting people.
  • Build buzz about your event by promoting it with social media. Hire great motivational speakers and industry leaders and spread the word


Make sure events are fun, educational and timely.


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