Are you the glue that holds everything together for everyone? Here's Relief.

Are you the glue that holds everything together in your family and work? 
Motivational SpeakerYou are not. It's Polarity that holds everything in your life, good or bad.

It’s the likes and dislikes, the good, the bad, the right, the wrongs, strengths and weaknesses.

If you didn’t impose those perceptions onto things in life, then they could just be.

You can see them for what they are instead of personalizing them and thinking you need to be the glue that holds together one perception over another. 

Without the polarity, you will realize that you’re just trying to get others to conform to your beliefs, but your belief is not reality.
When you perceive things in a polar opposite way, you will find yourself compelled to control one side or the other to suit your needs. You are highlighting the good over the bad and vice versa. 
The Glue that Holds Everything Together:
For example, a friend says she is the glue that holds her family and team together.

But I asked her to step back and consider who asked her to be the glue. Is someone imposing this belief and behaviour on her, or does she feel the need to control circumstances and people? From her polarized viewpoint, she believes certain things are good or bad and, as a result, must control circumstances to prove it. 
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But all she needed to do was realize there was no glue; she was not holding anything together! What a relief to know that all the manipulating to prove one side over the other wasn't even necessary. 
Why the Polarity? 
We tend to work in opposites because it's how we evolve.  Most people need to see the bad to know the good. For example, when you are sick, you know you want to be well, or when you're broke, you wish for money. When things go wrong, you work to make them right. 
However, all of this reinforces the polarity. Who says it's right or wrong, and why do you think you have all the control? Why do you feel you need to force your agenda on others? Things will always naturally work towards balance, we can temporarily push one agenda, but eventually, it will swing in the other direction. 
Life is much more blissful when you can chill out and enjoy what happens. Everyone is on a journey, and controlling the destination is not our job.

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