An Inspirational Message for Teachers

motivational speaker for teachers

An Inspirational Message for Teachers. 

I’m in awe of your ability to give so deeply to your work. Your dedication requires a tonne of courage and loads of patience.

For all the time you lose sleep over someone else’s child, it seems nobody cares or notices. Remember, every day, you make sure every child matters and that every child Is seen. 

Take the love and compassion you give your kids and feed it to yourself.

A good teacher draws lessons out of people. He doesn’t preach to them.

The learning is about the student. A student who relies on you to grow isn't learning from you. Some of the best lessons aren't concepts or strategies. It's Hope.

Hope is not a strategy. It’s more potent than a strategy. It’s the fuel that keeps you going.

Strategy is only as good as ​its ​ability to adjust to circumstances. If the environment changes​,​ your ​strategy has to change​. ​ Thus ​the ​​strategy is temporary and vulnerable​,​ b​ut Hope is steady. It’s the fuel and power behind all your progress

School bored me. I could tell the teachers were teaching stuff that meant nothing to them​. It seemed to be dull​,​ unimaginative content. However​,​ it’s content that can only be brought to life by experience​ , and​ I  wasn’t old enough to have much experience yet.  

Motivational Speaker for Teachers

Trust your ​educational content; it’s helping ​students​ prepare for experiences ​in ​their​ future​.​

 The best way to lead young people is to see more in them than they see in themselves​.​ Young people spend a lot of time online​, are distracted, and may be skeptical.

You can be the calm, consistent source of inspiration that shows them their worth.

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