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6 Reasons we Struggle to Make Decisions

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Mar 10, 2015 @ 12:58 PM

safety guest speakerI recently watched a project management safety guest speaker, Anthony Lettera give a humorous motivational speech on why we avoid making decisions.

He suggested a good decision making process will reduce "paralysis analysis" which means over- analyzing the options and stalling the decision. A bad decision making process invites regret and other unintended consequences.

He offered us the following stumbling blocks to decision making:

1) we have too many choices. With over 1000 varieties of toothpaste alone, most people are overwhelmed with options and this causes confusion.
2) the apparent choices we have are all bad. No one choice sticks out as the absolute best one, so we muttle around the options.
3) the apparent choices are all good. Sometimes all options seem solid and equally promising, thus we do nothing ( which is still a decision).
4) loss aversion. We fear risking something we have for a chance to gain something we want.
5) fear of being wrong
6) fear of being criticized

By assessing your own decisions where you are stalling progress, assess which stumbling blocks apply. Action is easier when you know what headwinds are holding you back.

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