5 Traits of a Great Virtual Speaker

More organizations are going online to host events and allow people to participate remotely. Like live events, they require a virtual speaker to set the tone and inspire the audience.

Anyone can be a speaker, but not everyone will be good at it. There are key attributes professionals have that novices and inexperienced ones don’t. Knowing the top traits of good virtual speakers can help you pick the right person for your next virtual event. Here are five of them:


  1. Engaging

An engaging speaker won’t simply push content at the audience. A great virtual speaker dedicates themselves to lifting people to make them feel appreciated and valued. They are fully present in the room while engaging with each person in the audience in a one-of-a-kind way. This way, no one feels left out, and everyone feels they’re relevant to the presentation.


  1. Unique

Have you ever attended a conference or listened to a speaker with boring presentation tools? How long were you able to focus on what they were saying? Today’s virtual speakers are unique and don’t rely on traditional presentation tools. They don’t use PowerPoint, and they don’t read or memorize what they say. They use the right amount of humor to make the event fun, entertaining, and memorable. This way, the virtual speaker is more successful at inspiring and motivating the audience.


  1. Professional

The best virtual speakers work closely with event organizers to ensure they can help meet the event's objectives. They are easy to contact and speak with, and they are available and capable of showing up on time. They also respect their audience to maximize engagement. They’re dressed well and ensure proper lighting and clothing during the virtual presentation.


  1. Always ready and dependable

A good virtual speaker hopes for the best and plans for the worst. In case something goes wrong or there are last-minute changes, they have a backup plan and will inform you as necessary. They will also make themselves available after the event to offer additional value.


  1. Open for feedback

A virtual speaker is humble and accepts feedback to help themselves grow professionally and mature as a person. They are open to receiving all sorts of feedback, even constructive negative ones.

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