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5 Qualities of Strong Leaders

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Sep 05, 2017 @ 12:07 PM

Leadership Motivational SpeakerPastor and Leadership Motivational speaker, Brian C. Houston hosts an engaging leadership podcast. Recently, he outlined some of the qualities of great leaders. I thought they were interesting and a bit different than standard leadership advice. 

5 Qualities of Strong Leaders:

  1. Have people around you with skills that you don't have. Great leaders can't afford to be threatened by people better than them. In fact, you strengthen a team when you have people around you that possess skills you lack. As a motivational speaker, I work alone, however, I do contract to many different people who help keep me in line( like my accountant- it's a love/ hate relationship). Sometimes other people's skill set seems like a drag or a pain in the butt but they actually create balance.
  2. Don't allow there to be parallel worlds with different ideas or vision. This one I had never considered! The pastor passionately believes that two worlds can't exist in one world. For instance, when one group decides to develop their own way, you can see a Passive Resistance unfold that rocks core values.
  3. Be decisive. Sometimes someone else's agenda can push the speed of your leadership. Leaders have to be decisive but not before its time (or you're ready). Avoid an environment where the leader can be lobbied or prematurely pressured to take action. Quick decisions that dilute your leadership allow the mission to leak out and weakens a team.
  4. Have strong cultural boundaries. A culture shouldn't be gray, muted or mixed, but clear. Boundaries that are clear and decisive keep people engaged. Learn more about Leadership Motivational Speaker Brian Houston.
  5. Look further up the road, ahead of others. Looking ahead helps prepare for the future and build momentum based on vision. The alternative is bouncing from conflict to conflict. Build atmosphere with vision. Also, listen to collective wisdom. This doesn't mean we listen to everyone-  only the wisdom of people who matter. The spirit of your team and values of core customers matter. 



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