4 Team Project Ideas That Will Enhance Your Company Culture

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Company culture is crucial in 2020. A positive culture makes for happy, productive, and above all, motivated employees. Beyond benefiting your staff, it benefits your business, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to strive towards a great company culture.

If you want to enhance your company culture and encourage your team to collaborate and communicate better, what better way than with a team project? Read on for a few fun, interesting, and challenging ideas to help enhance your company culture in 2020.

Start an industry publication

Your team knows their stuff. They were hired because they are experts in their field, bringing an array of skills and talent to their roles.

Consequently, your team is a trove of insightful and useful industry information. Why not tap into that and have your team work together to create an industry publication?

You don’t need to invest in a printing press for this project, of course — just a simple DIY website will do. Create categories for each part of your industry and assign suitable team members to write content for them.

Once you’ve created a website and got some relevant content uploaded, have your team start marketing it to the wider industry. Paid ads, social campaigns, SEO — these are all great opportunities for your team to collaborate and play to their strengths to meet a collective goal.

As a keynote speaker, I'm often featured in an industry publication. I find it a great way to raise awareness. 

Start an online store

This one is a little leftfield but bear with me.

Starting a simple online store is an unusual and fun team project that everyone can get involved in. Building the website, sourcing products, implementing marketing — there is a variety of different tasks that play to each team member’s different strengths. 

Encourage your team to hand out tasks accordingly and focus on getting a few sales steadily streaming in. Online store builders are often low-cost, so don’t worry too much about making a profit — this is about encouraging your company to collaborate towards a shared goal.

You don’t have to go all the way and register your business, rent out a warehouse, and so on either. With the plethora of DIY tech available today, starting an online store is affordable, simple, and straightforward. Plus, web-based tech means your team doesn’t even need to be in the same room to work on it, perfect if your team is working remotely during the lockdown.

Build an app

If any of your team has a modicum of coding knowledge, then you could consider building an app as your team project. Building an app is relatively accessible, and tools like Swift and Xcode helping you build a basic app with ease.

Perhaps the trickiest part of building an app is finding a function that it will serve. There are plenty of apps already out there, so try and find one that is unique, even if it’s not actually useful. Remember, an entertaining app still has a function!

You could even build an app to help your business. For instance, it might be a time tracking tool so your staff can track their hours.

Share out the different tasks associated with building an app — market research, graphic design, landing pages, and so on — and let your team manage the project themselves. Challenging and unusual, building an app is a great way to get your team’s collaborative juices flowing.

Build a successful DIY raft

There are plenty of tech-based project ideas on this list, but with the lockdown slowly starting to lift, it’s time to start thinking ahead. So as soon as we’re allowed out and about again, why not get your company together to build a raft?

Divide your company into teams and provide them with an assortment of materials — plastic barrels, wooden palettes, rope, and so on. Task each team with building a successful floating raft out of the materials provided, with the winner being the team that completes it in the shortest amount of time.

To make the task a little more difficult, challenge them to send a glass of water down a short stretch of river without spilling a drop. Tricky? Yes. Impossible? No.

The ideas above are just a few ways you can build your company culture. Projects like these let your team work together and communicate better, something that naturally translates into their work as a result.

Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best — as long as your team collaborates, engages, and strives towards a shared goal, your company culture will benefit as a result.

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