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4 Principles of Great Time Management

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Dec 22, 2016 @ 04:01 PM

funny motivational speaker time managementSometimes we have to take a step back and work on our business ( and ourselves), instead of in our business.

Once we remove ourselves from day to day bustle, our perspective grows, and we can see where we need to focus more of our time. 


Remember, 20 percent of what you do, gives you 80 percent of your results. Do more of the things that have the highest return on your time and goals. 

Here are four tips to manage your time to focus on what's important:

  1. Schedule the important things, not just the urgent ones. If it's not planned, or urgently demanding your attention, it likely won't happen. Thus, If training or personal development is necessary, carve out time for that. If wellness is critical, schedule a chance to work out and eat properly. Wise time management means you do more of what matters to you
  2. From the list of what's important, schedule in the must do things. These are things we can't neglect or overlook when we get busy. As a funny motivational speaker, it's not negotiable for me to skip researching a company and interviewing people before I speak. Thus, this gets into my schedule first. Workouts are also critical, so it hits my calendar first
  3. Say no to things that are not important. These are often small things that waste time. Check Twitter or Facebook five times a day? Hmmm.  Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should do it. 
  4. Create a To Don't List. Decide what gives the highest return for the energy you invest. Most people spend hundreds of hours a year doing things that don't show significant returns. As a motivational speaker, I travel a lot, and it can feel like wasted time. It's not optional, so now I use the time to squeeze the important things in during travel. Thus, I read, blog, write proposals and more. Are there ways you can make unproductive time more productive? Next, spend more time doing things that give you the highest return. Make a list of routine things you don't need to do anymore because they waste time. 


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