3 Tactics To Turn Pain into Personal Power

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Everybody needs a source of inspiration​ and personal power​.

We have plenty of sources of worry and doubt, but what about consistent sources of inspiration?

Just like a car needs fuel, we need inspiration to keep us going.

You may have good friends or family to help lift you, but their ability to inspire you depends on their ability to be inspired.

Inspiration is an internal game, and ​relying on yourself is always betterFor instance, ​you may feel you have no inspiration in your workplace​, but that's because ​you are the inspiration​. 
​Wellness - Take Care of You
Many people don't feel an internal source of inspiration because they don't care for themselves enough. They let their needs go behind everyone else's and feel depleted. Remember, you are the only one who can take care of yourself. It takes consistent effort to ensure your well-being. 
​The way you lead yourself is the way you lead others. If you don't care for yourself, you can't take care of others. If you are hard on yourself, you will be hard on others.  ​If you don't feel inspired, you can't inspire others.
Below are some tactics to help you create wellness and instant life balance.

1) Sleep & Eat Well.  
Remember, You’ll likely eat poorly the next day when you don't sleep enough. It’s a coping mechanism. However, sugar causes an Adrenaline spike in your body. Working harder to process the added calories would be best, making you even more tired.
You could be mindful about what you eat and don’t give in to triggers (or it may be easier to get more sleep)  

2) Mind your thoughts.
You’re unable to sleep because you're thinking about problems from yesterday, and they’re irritating you now.  Those worries are also spiking adrenaline, causing your body to work harder.
The most significant contributor to your overall well-being is the quality of your thoughts. Write down your ideas for a day and see if you have a pattern of worrying about the past or projecting fear into the future. Spend more time focusing on what you're doing while doing it, and leave doubt behind.
3) Turn Pain into Power.
You can turn pain into power​ because ​all pain is just ​​pent-up power
Energy is just energy​. It flows ​in ​One Direction or another.

But when you repress it, it doesn’t flow anywhere​; I​t holds you back​.​
Your pain is showing you where you’re holding back your power​.​
Release the pain ​and ​have your power back​.​ 

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