Finding the Right Side Gig for the Holidays

Funny Guest speakerThe need for extra money is a constant during the holidays for many people; traditionally, that has meant going to work for large retail chains. The good news for people who need a little extra cash for Christmas is that opportunities for holiday work are much broader these days; hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues are just some of the employment opportunities for people seeking seasonal employment.

Christmas is also a great time for finding work in the gig economy, pet sitting for people who are traveling for the holidays, and house cleaning for families planning big holiday parties. It doesn’t all come to a crashing end on December 26 — there are always return items, last-minute shopping, and people anxious to redeem all those holiday gift cards. If you’re in the side-job market this holiday season, here are a few tips to help you find what you’re looking for.

What Are You Looking For?

Deciding what kind of work you want to do is an important first step. Making the right choice can be the first step toward a new career, so don’t just throw a dart at the wall — make a well-considered decision. Some of the largest employers in the United States need to hire for the holidays, and that includes UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service. A holiday job sorting and loading might one day lead to a lucrative full-time position. Many companies also need help in customer service during the holidays, including, Intuit, and Apple, so be sure to think about long-term possibilities as well as short-term financial rewards.


If you find that a conventional holiday job just isn’t for you, why not look into something that offers a bit more independence? E-commerce is an excellent opportunity to earn during the holidays as a drop shipping store. You sell products with no requirement to maintain inventory so there’s a good deal of profit and very low overhead. Fortunately, there are informative guides available online to help you get started in this business.


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Don’t short-arm your resume or the application process just because you’re looking for holiday work. Your resume is your best means of self-promotion, so make sure it’s concise but provides a full view of your work history. Proofread it carefully before applying for any jobs; typos and inaccuracies on a resume make you look careless and sloppy. Remember that a resume should be no longer than two pages; needlessly long resumes are often ignored.

The Interview

Holiday hiring is an excellent opportunity for companies to look for prospects with long-term potential, so don’t expect the interview to be pointless. It’s important to be prepared, so do your homework about the company and come armed with informed questions. It’s one way a hiring manager gauges a candidate’s interest, thoroughness, and intelligence. And be prepared for some difficult questions, like why you’re interested in a temporary job. Answer honestly. If you’re applying because you want extra money for the holidays, say so.

Interviewers will be more appreciative of a straightforward response rather than a false one that’s meant to impress. Emphasize your willingness to be flexible and work when needed, but it’s important you’re sincere about it. Remember, hiring managers are looking for quick learners who don’t need much training (since there’s not much time for training).

A positive attitude and work ethic are important in a seasonal job interview. You may be asked to do many different things during your employment, so a willingness to be cooperative and help where needed will make a good impression.

A seasonal job can be both a short-term means to a financial end and a long-term career opportunity. It’s not unusual for people dissatisfied with their full-time jobs to find a position they like better during the holidays. So, be open to new responsibilities and different roles and you could find that Santa’s brought you a nice new job for Christmas.


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