Motivational Speaker for the NAMIC Claims Conference

logo.jpgOn February 8, 2018, I am a closing motivational speaker for the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) Claims Conference.

The event, taking place in Lake Buena Vista, Florida will attract over 300 Claims managers, Claims Vice Presidents, Managers of Claims, Senior Claims Adjusters, Directors of Claims and Claims Consultants.

The Claims Director oversees the operation of an insurance claim department. They set policy and provide guidance on personal, property and casualty loss. They are also responsible for leading and managing their staff.

Claims managers don't shy away from change, as they continually have to stay abreast of changes in regulations that affect insurance claims. Also, natural disasters like hurricanes bring forward plenty of applications that need to be managed.

Claims management is a challenging place to work. Workloads are high, while customer service remains a priority. The claims management team must work together to process claims efficiently.

A director of claims must cultivate a high-performing environment for direct reports by setting expectations, providing direction and feedback, and fostering a positive environment.

The Claims Conference features an outstanding guest speaker line up. The Walt Disney World Director of Claims, Barry Dillard, will kick off the event to discuss Disney risk management.

Other guest speakers will discuss sustaining a Culture of Innovation in Claims Management, Reptile Theory and Bouncing Back from Burnout, and the Science Behind Being Happier at Work.

Other claims management topics include new farming technologies, working with public adjusters, common problems in the appraisal process and more. See the Full Agenda Here

I am excited to be the closing funny motivational speaker for the NAMIC Conference. I will present the motivational speech; This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me! Navigate the Future with Humor, Enthusiasm, and Vigor. 


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