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Bill Clennan was known as the Dean of Canadian Motivational speakers. He was a mentor, funny motivational speaker, and friend. I met Bill at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Annual Conference in 1998. 

I sat in the audience of 500 other professional speakers spellbound by Bill's message and humor. Later, I watched another motivational speaker talk about his journey to success. He suggested if you want to succeed in the speaking industry, you need to sacrifice and work hard. His story and hard hitting struggle meant he gave up a lot on behalf of his family to build his business.

I was drawn to his struggle and committed to giving up everything and adopting this hard-earned battle to success.

Later, Bill approached me and explained that struggle and sacrifice is one approach, but not the best one. Being a motivational speaker for 35 years, he told me that this is one of the most fulfilling and fun jobs in the world. It has never been a challenge or hard.

What other industry can you travel, get paid well and get to impact people's lives? Bill compelled me to never think of my work as stressful or a struggle; instead, look at it as fun and easy. 

When you give a motivational speech and think about it as a struggle, it will be. If you think about it as fun and enjoyable, it will be ( for you and the audience).

I immediately decided to adopt Bill's perspective and things started to change. Whenever I struggled with getting work or audience approval, I would think about ways to reframe it as fun. What I learned is that when you frame things as fun, ideas flow, time flies by and the struggle becomes non- existent. 

Bill was a tall, larger than life man. When he walked into a room, he radiated a natural vitality that drew people to him. Bill was charismatic; he had incredible integrity and a strong belief in others.

He never doubted for a minute in me. He told me to refuse to settle. He urged me to always expect the best. 

He taught me to mold my future into the life I want. He taught me to stop doubting and start dreaming. There was something different and unique about Bill, as he had an uncommon ability to live in the moment. 

Stress never overwhelmed or got the best if him. Having survived four marriages, bankruptcy and near bankruptcy; he had his fair share of burden

Bill pursued his passion and became one of the best motivational speakers in the world. Known as the Dean of Canadian speakers and the Memory Man, Bill was a motivational speaker at over 1000 meetings in more than 40 decades. 

In July 2010, Bill suffered a stroke that took his life at the age of 67. I still feel Bill's presence from time to time, looking over me and encouraging me. 

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