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The 7 E's of Leadership

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 @ 11:52 AM

inspirational speaker for hospital leadersI was recently an inspirational speaker for a hospital leadership retreat. The other inspirational speaker for the hospital leaders, Ralph Burns, unravelled for us 7 key leadership qualities in his motivational speech.

Here are the 7 Leadership Qualites:

  1. 1. Engage. It is impossible to lead from a distance; without engagement, you cannot lead effectively.
  2. Equip. For most people, poorly defined tasks are one of the highest areas of dissatisfaction.
  3. Encourage. It's not just in tough situations that people need encouragement.
  4. Empower. True empowerment is preparation followed by appropriate freedom.
  5. Energize. Great leaders energize and inspire those they lead.
  6. Elevate. It's not about getting the credit; it's about helping the organization, and everyone in it be the best they can.
  7. Educate. Leadership is all about helping others become the best they can be. Leadership is built on a foundation of teaching, helping and guiding.

The inspirational speaker ended his motivational speech by compelling hospital leaders to embrace and focus on one or two qualities for a full month and see what an impact it makes.


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