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Funny Keynote Speaker Jody Urquhart

In Today's Digital Age Audiences Need to be Inspired.


Motivational Keynote Speaker

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Why Hire Jody?

Advantage #1:

Jody targets her message directly to your people’s issues and concerns. She deals with real problems and issues, not theories or vague generalities. With over 22 years as a Professional Speaker, Jody speaks at over 80 events per year and is a top motivational speaker


Advantage #2:

Your program will be highly interactive. Everyone gets totally involved in the learning experience. This helps to drive home the message, and audiences love the fun and excitement she creates.


Advantage #3:

Your program will be filled with clean humor, entertaining stories, and anecdotes. People will have an enjoyable experience and remember the important points of Jody’s message.

Advantage #4:

Jody’s down to earth style, real world examples, and immediately useable information are the reasons why she is invited back again and again.



When Jody works for you, you get the utmost in professionalism. She is easy to work with and will be your partner every step of the way. After she is finished, you will feel that you got highly personalized service, and that you received even more than you expected.

Funny Motivational Speakers Keynote Topics

What people say…

“Thank you for compelling us to make a difference. You DO inspire. “

Jean Hall, Education & Development

Wyoming Health Department

“Jody is always my favorite keynote speaker; she brings comedy to real-word issues”

Pam Neifibons, NPEI

“Jody was the opening keynote; wow- she blew me away, the conference has paid off already”

Keith Rubenstein, National Parks & Recreation

“Dynamic Speaker, Loved it!”

Carole Slinger, Baptist Healthcare

“What an inspiring message- Jody was the best speaker I have heard in years.”

Mark Zollinger, Manulife

“Awesome speaker, able to engage a very large audience, and I sat at the back”

Trece Gurrad, Medical Group Management Association

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