Motivational Speaker Inspirational Quotes...Your Pep Talk Poster

Inspirational quotesMotivational Quotes designed on Two beautiful laminated 8 1/2 x 11 desk sized pep talks on paper with motivational speaker reminders like the ones below…

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Make Your Life a Grudge Free Zone • Live Today with Wisdom, Power & Self Expression • Delight in the Mystery of Tomorrow •Care with Character• Love Deeply • Grasp a Deeper Understanding of the Role You Play in the World • Know You Are Beautiful • Reflect on Life • Know You Can Confront Anything• Speak UpLife’s Joys and Sorrows Provide us the Opportunity to Decide How These Experiences Will Shape Our Lives • Discover Your Gifts • Be Clumsy •Have Flexible Plans • Embrace Your Inner Fool • Get Back to Nature • Celebrate the Simple • Be Intrigued with Everything • Appreciate • Recognize the Good in the Bad • Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout • Be a Good Parent • Take Action Today for a Better Tomorrow • Reveal a Powerful Strongpoint • Embrace Your Faults - Be Straight Up • Follow a Hunch • Forget Perfection • Laugh … at Yourself • Pretend to Love the Worst Part of Your Work   Act with Courage & Conviction • Be Shockingly Focused • Smile when You're Blue • How Are People Better Having Known You? • Recognize What Part of Your Life is Flat and Colorless • Marvel at Your Spouse • Recognize This Moment is Rich & Rewarding • Remember Your Biggest Impact Comes From the Little Things • Observe… Yourself • Decide: What is Your Work Ethic? • Don’t Drag Your Feet • Have Fun. Have Purpose • Be Brutally Honest • Help a Stranger • Be Proud of Your Work• What are You Strong Willed About and Deeply Committed To? • Abandon your TV!

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