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Make Your Life a Grudge Free Zone • Live Today with Wisdom, Power & Self Expression • Delight in the Mystery of Tomorrow • Care with Character • Love Deeply • Grasp a Deeper Understanding of the Role you Play in the World • Know your Beautiful • Reflect on Life • Know you can Confront Anything • Life’s Joys and Sorrows Provide us with an Opportunity to Decide how these Experiences will Shape our Lives • Discover Your Gifts • Be Clumsy •Have Flexible Plans • Embrace Your Inner Fool • Get Back to Nature • Celebrate the Simple • Be Intrigued with Everything • Appreciate • Recognize the Good in the Bad • Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout • Be a Good Parent • Take Action Today for a Better Tomorrow • Reveal a Powerful Strongpoint • Embrace Your Faults Be Straight Up • Follow a Hunch • Forget Perfection • Laugh … at Yourself • Pretend to Love the Worst Part of your Work • Act with Courage & Conviction • Be Shockingly Focused • Smile when your Blue • How are People Better Having Known You? • Recognize what part of your Life is Flat and Colorless • Marvel at Your Spouse • Recognize this Moment is Rich & Rewarding • Remember your Biggest Impact comes from the Little Things • Observe… Yourself • Decide what is your Work Ethic? • Don’t Drag Your Feet • Have Fun. Have Purpose • Be Brutally Honest • Help a Stranger • Be Proud of Your Work • What are your Strong Willed About and Deeply Committed to? • Abandon your TV

Inspiring Insights- Part 2
Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind.
You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying over the future.
All people smile in the same language.
A hug is a great gift... one size fits all. It can be given for any occasion and it's easy to exchange.
Everyone needs to be loved... especially when they do not deserve it.
The real measure of a man's (and woman’s) wealth is what is invested in eternity.
Laughter is the energy of the soul.
Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it.
It's important for parents to live the same things they teach.
If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for.
The choice you make today will usually affect tomorrow.
Take time to laugh, for it is the music of the heart.
Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.
Love is strengthened by working through conflicts together.
Harsh words break no bones but they do break hearts.
To get out of a difficulty, you usually must go through it.
We take for granted the things that we should be giving thanks for.
Love is the only thing that can be divided without being diminished.
Happiness is enhanced by others but does not depend upon others
For every minute you are angry with someone, you lose 60 seconds of happiness that you can never get back.
Do what you can, for whom you can, with what you have, and where you are.
Love...and you shall be loved.

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