Keynote Speaker Jody Urquhart-Return on Investment

I have been a keynote motivational speaker at primarily association conferences for over 22 years. Annually I speak at over 85 organizations and associations. I am the author of the book All Work & No SAY and used to write a syndicated column called the Joy of Work, which was routinely published in over 40 magazines and trade journals. This has been replaced by my Blog, Idoinspire, which comes out five times per week.

My mission is to help motivate company employees to derive more meaning and fun from their work.

I am feature guest speaker for the GE Healthcare Tip-TV program broadcast in over 2600 healthcare facilities, where I was the 2008 Bronze Winner of the 29th Annual Telly Awards for excellence in programming this presentation.

I have been a convention keynote speaker for clients that include health care associations, financial, corporations, parks and recreation bodies, government departments and many more groups.

I am the president of the Curiously Canadian Improv Guild and I regularly do stand up comedy just for fun.

I was on the founding board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers calgary chapter 15 years ago where the amazing speakers I met and worked with inspired me into this life path. It has been a joy and adventure ever since!

What is your ROI? Return on investment, what will your attendees take away?

  • My presentations are guaranteed to energize audiences and get them laughing. I regularly write and perform comedy to keep my skills up. I also research and write daily on humor, leadership and speaking to keep my ideas and content fresh.
  • Audiences take away concrete ideas and are compelled to do two or three things differently. Usually this is either to lighten up and to be compelled by power levity and humor to decrease stress and enhance wellness, or it may be to help leaders understand how to manage multiple generations  ( especially younger generations before they leave their organizations and go and live with their parents!).
  • I work really hard to customize my content to the group, interviewing and getting to know the audience before the presentation
  • I can be flexible to your timeframe. At the last minute, if the schedule requires me to fill an extra 20 minutes, no problem. Cut back my speech by 10 minutes?Sure.
  • I can speak for an Hour or Half a Day. It is up to you.
  • I will write a couple of blogs about your event ( and my phone interviews)promote it on Twitter, Linked in, Facebook and more
  • If you have a blog for your event, i will follow it and regularly comment on it. I can also write a guest post.
  • I like to stay at an event for the day to interact with delegates.
  • We will meet all deadlines and be easy to work with
  • After the Conference, delegates have many Free resources to learn more. They can follow me on Twitter, Tune into my Blog written 4 or 5 Times per Week or Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter
  • Our website has lots of information on planning meetings, boosting corporate morale, how to have fun at work, the benefits of laughter, managing multiple generations and more. Any articles you find interesting and relevent you are welcome to publish in your magazine, newsletter or website.
  • You can get a copy of my book  All Work & No Say for all delegates at a great price ( and its a great conference take away)
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Other F A Q

I don't generally use anything but a microphone

I have an EI work visa to legally work as much as I want in the USA, I do over 40 percent of my work across the border

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