Inspirational Poems- Fed Up? Lighten Up!

Improving the work environment and increasing client satisfaction
Humor and play are a significant part of putting this plan into action
Laughter contributes to good health and that is a proven fact
Healthy people are most productive what company doesn’t want that

Having fun increases energy and enthusiasm for your job
Don’t be grumpy and stressed out or you’ll be the office knob
Leadership Expert Roger Von Oech, author of “A Whack On The Side Of the Head”
Presents “being too serious is harmful”, so lighten up instead

It’s easy to get along when people have a good sense of humor
Poke fun at stressful situations, not at people and workplace rumors
Humor builds self confidence; it’s good to laugh at yourself
Take responsibility for your mistakes, not blame somebody else

Don’t be a troublemaker, or a let-down filled with cynicism
As laughter defuses tension, well placed humor softens criticism
You’ll be creative and productive as it ignites whole brain thinking
So tell a joke, do something silly and not just because you’ve been drinking

The average person spends eight hours at the place of their employ
If you are working with difficult people it’s not something to enjoy
Today there’s so much grumbling, that we are doing more with less
It‘s with a negative response that people deal with the stress

Some say “leave me alone, I’m busy”, or “I’ve got too much to do”
It’s that they’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s not to do with you
Everyone finds at least part of their job to be quite irritating
Files, forms and paperwork plus all the government’s dictating

People have different work principles; we can’t all do things the same way
It’s alright if just once in a while, you let your opinion sway
Everyone wants to feel important, significant and unique
Compliment them for a job well done, don’t always be a critique

This might not work for everyone, it’s only a proposal
You can come up with other ideas to use at your disposal
Just don’t wait for service milestones to show appreciation
Do something different each chance you get, be an inspiration