Motivational Speech- Don't Worry About Others,  Appreciate Them

keynote speakerInstead of worrying about other people, just appreciate them. It will be alot easier, greatly improve your relationship and help them move forward. Below is a short motivational speech designed to help you focus forward on supporting others grow. 

Most people have no clue how amazing they are.

& you could be the one who tells them.

Most people have no idea how powerful they are.

& you could be the one who tells them.

The people you love and care about most have no idea they are perfect

& you could be the one to tell them

But as long as you worry about them, you can't an inspiring source for people you love. Worrying about someone and believing in them don’t exist together. One thought pattern moves you forward, and worry holds you back.

It’s one or the other.

Do you want people you care about to focus on their struggles or opportunities?

Do you want people you care about to feel good about themselves or bad?

Do you want people you care about to love their life or hate it?


Worrying about others never helps them. It’s using their past to hold up their future. 

I know you mean well, but you’re getting in the way of their growth. All you want for someone you care about is for them to move forward and be happy. So let them.

Worry is just doubting people's future. 

Worry is holding up progress. 

Worry is resisting life.

Instead, imagine great things for them. Imagine them  bringing their strengths to their work. Imagine things working out for them. Imagine their possibilities

You can only imagine the future because it hasn’t been created yet. Instead, you worried about someone past. Leave the past behind and let people grow.

If you worry about someone, you focused on their weaknesses, but what about their strengths?

If you worry about someone, you focused on their problems, but what about their opportunities? 

If you worry about someone, you worried about their present, but what about their future?

Problems are always about people's past- its yesterday’s news. It's over; move on.

I know you don’t mean to hold people back. 

By reminding people of their mistakes, you’re holding them back

Mistakes are the past. Mistakes are not a problem. That’s how we learn. But they’ve already learned that lesson. Let them move on. 


You cannot move forward by continually looking at problems of the past. You only move forward by moving forward. This means imagining a better future. 


Instead of worrying about others, remind them of their strengths.

Remind them of opportunities

Remind them of their worth

The best way you can help someone is to inspire them to move forward.

Female Keynote Speaker Jody Urquhart


Your beliefs are meant to evolve and grow. But beliefs are about the future; it’s not created yet. As you look at life the way it currently is-  you can't create the life you desire.

As long as you hold people to their past, they will have a hard time breaking out of your limited perspective when they are around you. 

Out of every experience comes more clarity of who you really are and what you really want. 

It's only someone’s assets and good qualities that you need to focus on. 

You don’t need to deny anything if you don’t fear it. Maybe the reason someone has a bad experience is to learn from it. 

Be deliberate about what you think and ask for, and your life moves forward. 

Sloppy thinking allows you to think about encouraging others but doubting they can accomplish anything. Do you want them to move forward or not? Do you want them to be happy or not?

If you do, then your only job is to reimagine their great future. Your only job is to show them their strengths; your only job is to nudge them towards opportunities. 

In your day you can be in a good mood or a bad one. If you are in a bad mood, don’t call your loved ones. You will be too tempted to bring them down. 

If you have worked yourself up with positive thought into a good mood, this is a good time to spend time with people you care about.

Your inspiring energy can really help them too. If your conversation touches on things you enjoy when you are together, you reminisce about rewarding memories together, and you talk about the things you love- this would be great. Your relationship is moving forward. You are building positive relationships and a positive momentum by helping and supporting each other. 

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