4 Types of Energy and How to Manage It

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Feeling pulled in every direction?

If your energy is depleted, it pays to deepen understanding of the different types of energy you have, so you can gauge where you’ve run low.

Know how to manage your energy to build resilience, positive energy and staying power. Fitness motivational speaker, Chalene Johnson, shares 4 types of energy in her podcast 

4 Types of Energy:

Physical Energy - This relates to your physical body and it's energy. It can be fuelled or worn down with ( or without) exercise, food, and nutrition, sleep etc. Most people don’t pay enough attention to physical energy and the culprits that drain it. Energy gives more energy. When you give energy to something, it grows.

For instance, even when you're worn down, exercise helps create energy, but you have to give the energy to get there

Emotional Energy- Emotions continually rally around and cause a flood of hormones that can lift or drain you. Fear, anger, resentments all drain you by releasing stress hormones into your bloodstream. These hormones create a chain reaction by speeding up your heart rate, increasing blood pressure and more. Thus further intensified the stress cycle. 

Mental energy- Your brain uses energy to focus and make decisions every day. Because of technology, we make so many more decisions than we ever had to before. Multitasking and moving from task to task drastically reduced your mental energy. Every time you consciously or unconsciously decide to switch tasks, you drain valuable focus.

Get rid of mental distractions (like notifications on your phone) and be diligent about limiting distractions

Spiritual Energy - This relates to the life force that binds the body to the soul. Many people feel disconnected here because the spirit doesn't seem tangible. I suggest you recharge around people who lift you up. Spiritual energy can be lifted through prayer, community and meditation. Building a support group around you helps to buffer stress.

Gratitude, positive feelings, prayer all lift you up. Studies in emotional intelligence point out that we can actually shape and control these emotions.

Fiercely protect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.



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